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Companies hire occupational safety and health managers to design, develop, and deploy effective safety management systems within the organization.

This program is designed for corporate and facility safety managers or directors who are responsible for integrating and managing the corporate OSH function.

Emphasis is placed on gaining the knowledge and skills to design, develop and deploy a world-class safety management system.

This program requires a minimum of 48 hours of study in which each student is required to complete 7 required courses and 7 elective courses.

This program is being delivered in Egypt exclusively by EHS-Academy in co-operation with OSHAcademy - USA.


1.  How to design, develop and implement a comprehensive Occupational Safety and Health Programs within their organizations.

2.  How to investigate accidents, incidents and near misses and how to prepare the relevant reports.

3.  How to identify and control hazards at the workplace (Safety inspection, Job Hazard Analysis, Risk Assessment and Safety Auditing).

4.  How to develop an effective safety culture within the organization.

5.  Effective safety committee meetings and operations.

6.  How to develop and implement a world-class safety management system within the organization.

7.  How to develop and implement an effective safety and health training programs.

8.  How to develop an effective written emergency plans and procedures for different kinds of emergencies.

Who to Attend:

1.  Safety Managers

2.  Safety Directors

3.  Corporate Safety Managers or Directors

4.  Safety Engineers

5.  Engineers (All Disciplines)

6.  Fire Marshals and Fire Chiefs

7.  Operations Managers and Directors

Training Course Plan:

You must complete 7 required courses and 7 elective courses in this program.

Required Courses: 7

Elective Courses: Choose any 7


  1. 700 Introduction to Safety Management
  2. 701 Effective Safety Committee Operations
  3. 702 Effective Accident Investigation
  4. 703 Introduction to OSH Training
  5. 704 Hazard Analysis and Control
  6. 712 Safety Supervision and Leadership
  7. 716 Safety Management System Evaluation



  1. 705 Hazard Communication Program
  2. 706 Conducting a Job Hazard Analysis
  3. 707 Effective Safety Committee Meetings
  4. 708 OSHA Recordkeeping
  5. 709 Personal Protective Equipment
  6. 710 Energy Control Program - LOTO
  7. 711 Introduction to Ergonomics
  8. 713 Confined Space Program
  9. 714 Fall Protection Program
  10. 715 Electrical Safety Basics
  11. 717 Emergency Action Plans
  12. 718 Fire Prevention Plans
  13. 719 Fleet Safety Management
  14. 720 Preventing Workplace Violence
  15. 721 Developing OSH Training
  16. 722 Ergonomics Program Management
  1. 755 Bloodborne Pathogens
  2. 756 Bloodborne Pathogens in Healthcare

Course Outlines:

This course is designed to be delivered within 5 days as follows

Day One:

  • Introduction to Safety Management
  • Effective Safety Committee Operations
  • Effective Accident Investigations
  • Group Workshops

Day Two:

  • Safety Supervision Leadership
  • Hazard Analysis and Control
  • Group Workshops

Day Three:

  • Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health Training
  • Safety Management System Evaluations.
  • Hazard Communication Programs
  • Confined Space Program
  • Group Workshops

Day Four:

  • Ergonomics Program Management
  • Effective Safety Committee Meetings.
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Group Workshops

Day Five:

  • Fire Prevention Plans
  • Fleet Safety Management
  • General Revision
  • Final Exam

Course Instructor/Certificates:

A-  Course Instructor:

  • Courses shall be delivered by Mr. Wagdi Fouad Seffain - Exclusive Authorized Trainer of OSHAcademy - USA in Egypt.

  Course Certificates:

  • Certificates and Wallet card are issued to participants who pass the final exam by a minimum score of 70%.
  • Certificates and Wallet Cards are issued from OSHAcademy - USA.
  • Certificates and Wallet Card are signed by Mr. Wagdi F. Seffain (Authorized Trainer) and Approved by Mr. Steven Giggle Director of OSHAcademy - USA.
  • All certificates and Wallet Cards are stamped by a raising stamp
  • There are two options as follows:

1. General Course Certificate (48 Hours) + Wallet Card only or;

2. General Course Certificate (48 Hours) + Wallet Card + One Certificate for each topic Taught (# 14 Certificates).

Main 48 - Hours OSH - Manager Certificate

Wallet Card 48 - Hours OSH - Manager




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