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NTS - UK Fire Marshal


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 overview.pngCourse Overview

This course is designed to cover all aspects related to fire safety, fire risk assessment, preparation of fire and safety plans, and the installation, inspection and use of all types of fire facilities such as Fire Alarm Systems, Automatic Fire Fighting Systems, Fire Extinguishers, etc.
This course is designed to provide participants with the required knowledge to fulfill the role of Fire Marshal and update the knowledge of existing Fire Marshals. It will also assist those with practical responsibility for fire safety within buildings/workplace to develop procedures and fire management systems.


 who-to-attend.pngWho Should Attend

• Employees who may be part of a first response teams or have responsibility for fire safety in the workplace, evacuation of premises or supervision of fire drills.
• Fire & Safety Directors, Managers, Engineers & Supervisors.
• Fire Officers – Civil Protection


 objectives.png Course Objectives

Upon the completion of the course, the participant will be able to demonstrate an understanding of:
• Fire Risk Assessment
• The fire triangle and the common causes of fire.
• The different classes of fire
• Fire extinguishers ratings
• Correctly and safely select and use of a fire extinguisher.
• The role of the Fire Marshal
• Emergency procedures and evacuation
• Fire Alarm systems, inspection and testing
• Automatic Fire Fighting Systems (Sprinkler System, FM200 Systems etc.) – Inspection and testing.
• Fire Water Tanks, fire main rings, fire pumps, fire hydrants, etc.
• Fire Fighting Systems – Oil and Petroleum Tanks


 topics.png Course Topics

The following topics will be presented in the course:
• Fire Risk Assessment
• Fire Prevention
• Causes of Fires / Fire Triangle & Tetrahedron
• Fire Classes (Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, Class K)
• Different types of Fire Extinguishers
• Fire Extinguishers Rating / Distribution
    -  Extinguishers Testing and Rating (UL, CE, etc.).
    -  Distribution of Fire Extinguishers/Extinguisher per Square Feet or Square Meters.
    -  Inspection & Maintenance, Re-Filling etc.
• Fire Detection Systems
    -  Smoke & Heat Detectors
    -  Flame & Gas Detectors
    -  Different Types of Fire Detection (Conventional, Addressable, Etc.
    -  Inspection Procedures, Intervals, Reporting etc.
• Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems:
    -  Different Types of Sprinkler Systems
    -  Hydraulic Calculations
    -  Water Demands
    -  Inspection
• Automatic Fire Fighting Systems (Carbon Dioxide, FM200, Dry Chemical, Foam, etc.)
    -  Space to be protected
    -  Calculating the Exact Quantity of the Fire Extinguishing agents.
    -  Inspection
• Fire Water Systems (Main Water Rings, Fire Pumps, Fire Risers, Hose Reels, Fire Hydrants, etc.).
    -  Main Water Rings (Loop System, Isolating Valves, Etc.
    -  Fire Pumps (Jockey Pumps, Main Pumps, Weekly Inspection Procedures etc.
    -  Risers, Dry and Wet
    -  Hose Reels, Fire Hydrants
• Inspection Procedures for All Types of Fire Fighting Equipment and Systems.
   -  Inspection Procedures of All Fire Fighting Equipment & Systems. (According to NFPA).
   -  Recording the Inspection Findings in Special Forms
• Fire Emergency Procedures.
   -  Fire Emergency Plans
   -  Training of Personnel
   -  Fire Drills


 prerequisites.pngCourse Prerequisites

Attending the following courses are the prerequisites for the Fire Marshal course:
• “Basic Fire Fighting” course.
• “Fire Safety Training” course.


course-duration.png Course Duration

The course should be delivered within 2-3 days depending on the number of hours per day or the Client’s agreement for in-house training course.


 assessment.png Course Assessment

Fire Marshal Training course is assessed by a multiple-choice open book assessment on the last day of the course.


 certificates.pngCourse Certificates

Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will receive the following:
• "National Training Services (NTS) - UK" Fire Marshal International Certificate and Wallet Completion Card.
• Local Certificate from EHS-Academy, Egypt or EHS Training Centre, UAE as applicable.


 re-certificate.png Re-certification

There is no re-certification for this course certificate as it does not have an Expiration Date.


 registration-2.png Registration Methods

Online: Register Online & Confirm Your Seat Now! (Valid for UAE and Middle East Courses)  
Email: register@ehs-academy.com
Phone: UAE  uae-flag2.jpg +971509709870  Egypt  egypt.png +201223936397

course-schedule.png View Course Schedule and Apply Now!


 additional-info.png Additional Information

• The presented course, materials, and workshop (if any) can be conducted in English or Arabic based on the trainees’ desires.
• Closing of Registration is 1 week prior to the course start date.
• Course fees cover the Course Materials, Course Certificate and Coffee Breaks.
• In-House training for this course is available upon request and can be customized as per client’s needs.
• EHS can assist and provide corporate rates for the hotel accommodation if required.


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