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NASP/IASP - USA Certified Safety Manager


This Training Course can be Provided as a Public Classroom and as an In-House Training.  

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 overview.pngCourse Overview

This Safety Manager Certification is an indication to employers, potential employers, regulatory agencies, and the courts that you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities equivalent to a level of proficiency expected of a professional who is capable of working with little or no supervision while managing the safety programs, policies, and procedures common to business and industry. Creating a safety culture in the workplace can be difficult but this course will provide the tools necessary to implement proper safety training and an effective safety program. Participants will learn how to understand and interpret regulations, avoid civil and criminal liability, increase worker morale, reduce workers comp rates and most importantly, minimize or eliminate injuries in the workplace.

* NASP certifications are stand-alone certifications. However, NASP's designations are designed to be achieved in a step by step building block process where each level achieved is a step toward the next higher level. You may purchase the highest level certification, and it will encompass the building blocks below it. The Certified Safety Manager is the foundational course and is the first step in beginning your professional level certifications.

NASP certifications can be represented as in the following ladder:





   certification-icon.png Authorization of the CSM

After the completion of the course, the participant will be an authorized safety & health trainer from NASP/IASP – USA who will be able to conduct a variety of safety & health courses as listed below and get certificates and wallet cards from NASP/IASP – USA directly. The participant may use the NASP name and logo on their website and in other advertising, but they may not represent themselves as being NASP.

The following are the list of courses that the CSM participant can teach and issue a certificate and a wallet card from NASP/IASP – USA for his students:
• NASP 10 hour Course for General Industry
• NASP 30 hour Course for General Industry
• NASP 10 hour Course for Construction
• NASP 30 hour Course for Construction
• Occupational Safety and Health Basic Diploma - (any six of NASP Awareness Topics)
• Occupational Safety and Health Advanced Diploma - (any twelve of NASP Awareness Topics)
• Occupational Safety and Health Supervisor Diploma - (any eighteen of NASP Awareness Topics)
• The following Safety Awareness:

      • Arc Flash Protection 
      • Back Safety 
      • Bloodborne Pathogens 
      • Changing Safety Behavior 
      • Compressed Gas 
      • Confined Space Entry 
      • Egress/Fire Safety 
      • Electrical Safety 
      • Ergonomics 
      • Hazard Communication (GHS) 
      • Hazardous Materials 
      • HAZWOPER Awareness 
      • Lockout Tagout 
      • Machine Guarding 
      • OSHA Inspections and Penalties 
      • PPE (hand, eye, foot protection) 
      • Preventing Workplace Violence 
      • Slips, Trips and Falls 
      • Walk/Work Surfaces 
      • Weld/Cut/Braze


   authorization2.png Technician Level Course after CSM certificate

If a CSM wishes to teach more in-depth courses, he or she may take a technician level course to qualify for that training credential. Upon successful completion of the Technician Level Course, a CSM may then teach others in that particular area. If a CSM completes a combination of Technician Courses, then a special Certificate may be issued to their students who complete this series of courses.

The following are the courses that the CSM can teach after taking the Technician Level Course:
• Workplace Safety Practitioner Level I - (any of NASP three Technician Level Courses)
• Workplace Safety Practitioner Level II - (any of NASP six Technician Level Courses)
• Workplace Safety Practitioner Level III - (any of NASP nine Technician Level Courses)
• The following NASP Technician Level Courses:

      • Accident Investigation Technician 
      • Arc Flash Technician 
      • Behavior Based Safety Technician 
      • Bloodborne Pathogens Technician 
      • Chemical Safety Technician 
      • Combustible Dust Technician 
      • Confined Space Entry Technician 
      • DOT HAZMAT Technician 
      • Electrical Safety Technician 
      • Fall Protection and Elevated Structures Technician 
      • Fire Protection/Prevention, Exit Routes, & Emergency Plans Technician 
      • Forklift Operator License 
      • Hand and Portable Power Tools Technician 
      • Hazard Communication Technician 
      • HAZWOPER Refresher 
      • Hearing Conservation Technician 
      • Job Hazard Analysis Technician 
      • Lockout Tagout Technician 
      • Machine Guarding Technician 
      • Materials Handling Safety Technician 
      • OSHA Recordkeeping Technician 
      • Personal Protective Equipment Technician 
      • Safety Inspections Technician 
      • Steel Erection Technician 
      • Trenching and Excavation Technician 
      • Welding, Cutting, and Brazing Safety Technician 
      • Workplace Ergonomics Technician 
      • Workplace Violence Prevention Technician


who-to-attend.pngWho should attend

• Safety & Occupational Health Supervisors and Managers.
• Safety Officers and Inspectors.
• Project Engineers and all other engineering disciplines.


 objectives.png Course Objectives

Upon the completion of the course, the participant will be able to:
• Discover a brand new perspective of safety that will empower him/her.
• Have the information to be qualified as a safety expert and manager.
• Learn training methodologies that change the way the employees work.
• Conduct a variety of Safety & Health Training Courses.
• Save money by developing his/her own safety programs.
• Avoid civil and criminal liability for accidents and injuries.
• Determine proper interpretation and application of OSHA regulations.
• Establish acceptable analysis and documentation of workplace hazards.
• Manage workplace safety inspections and audits.
• Investigate, analyze and document workplace accidents and root cause analysis.
• Create and manage a successful safety culture using the latest behavior modification techniques.


 topics.png Course Topics

The following topics will be presented in the course:
• The Business of Safety
• Understanding Safety
• Understanding OSHA - USA & Regulatory Compliance
• Safety Training Methods
• Safety & Health Programs/Policies/Procedures
• Job Hazard Analysis
• Accident Investigation
• Behavior Based Safety (Changing Safety Behavior)
• Blood-borne Pathogens
• Confined Space Entry
• Electrical Safety/Arc Flash Protection
• Workplace Safety Inspections
• Ergonomics Management/Back Safety
• Chemical Hazard Communication (New Globally Harmonized System GHS)
• Hazardous Materials & DOT
• HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response)
• Lockout Tagout
• Machine Guarding
• Materials Handling
• Egress / Fire Safety
• New Record Keeping
• Workplace Violence
• Walking/Working Surfaces
• Slips Trips and Falls
• Welding / Cutting / Brazing and Compressed Gases


 prerequisites.png Course Prerequisites

There are no formal prerequisites for this course but attending the following courses is recommended:
• “NASP/IASP - USA Safety & Health Advanced Diploma” course. Read more…
• "NASP/IASP - USA Safety & Health Supervisor Diploma" course. Read more…


course-duration.png Course Duration

The course should be delivered in 4-5 days depending on the number of hours per day or the Client’s agreement for in-house training course.


 assessment.png Course Assessment

The NASP/IASP – USA Certified Safety Manager training course is assessed by a multiple-choice open book assessment on the last day of the course.


 certificates.pngCourse Certificates

Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will receive the following:
• NASP/IASP - USA Certified Safety Manager (CSM) International Certificate and Wallet Completion Card.
• Local Certificate from EHS-Academy, Egypt or EHS Training Centre, UAE as applicable.


 re-certificate.png Re-certification

There is a re-certification (refresher training) for this course certificate every 3 years. The certification should be refreshed before its expiration date.
* Specific fee is required for the re-certification.


registration-2.png Registration Methods

Online: Register Online & Confirm Your Seat Now! (Valid for UAE and Middle East Courses)  
Email: register@ehs-academy.com
Phone: UAE  uae-flag2.jpg +971509709870  Egypt  egypt.png +201223936397

course-schedule.png View Course Schedule and Apply Now!


 additional-info.png Additional Information

• The presented course, materials, and workshop (if any) can be conducted in English or Arabic based on the trainees’ desires.
• Closing of Registration is 1 week prior to the course start date.
• Course fees cover Course Materials, Course Certificate, Coffee Breaks and Lunch. (Lunch available only in certain Venues)
• In-House training for this course is available upon request and can be customized as per client’s needs.
• EHS can assist and provide corporate rates for the hotel accommodation if required. 


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